Awesome Wood-Paneled Ideas


The Excellent Wide Open

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Consider installing wood-paneled a couple of, and space them out. It is going to help produce a more modern vibe into your bedroom exactly like the image above.

That is a paneling style for virtually every decor. You are able to cover your whole wall, ceiling (you name it) or select waist- or shoulder-high wainscoting. Paneling can be produced from fine hardwoods or inexpensive pine (finishes run the gamut too ). Panels can be supplied a crystal clear finish, or they may be painted, stained, or coated with any range of decorative finishes. Before installing paneling, put the stuff in the room where they’ll be installed for two to five times to permit the wood to adapt to the humidity level and this can eliminate any shrinkage or growth difficulties when the panels are fastened to the wall. Now have a look at these 8 wood-paneled ideas to upgrade your existing wall which will inspire you under.

Wood Paneling Behind your Fireplace

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Maintain your walls simple and utilize wood paneling just behind your own balcony. This simple action will aid your space stand out, and make it the focal point of your room.

About The Edge

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Do not decorate just like it is a cabin in case you don’t desire wood paneling to make your home seem shabby chic. Pick boho, edgy accents, such as dark, leather furniture, patterned cushions, and geometric, modern lighting.

Black Wood-Paneled

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This black wood-paneled make this bathroom above seem sexier.

White Wood-Paneled

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Painting panels white will brightens your space and supplies the boards a cute, cabin vibe into your space.

 Less Is More

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If you think covering all of your walls is too much, then try just a small section. This way, the wood will highlight the room, instead of regretting it.


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This laundry room have a white accessories, shelving, and appliances using a deep navy paint which create the paneled not overly stand out. The take the emphasis off the ridges, helping them nearly disappear.